Today, NapkinBetaBeyond is taking a look at the ten most illustrious fictional inventors to ever live. These ingenious innovators may not be real, but they have created a number of fascinating inventions that we’d love to get our hands on, including a swagger-inducing potion and flying motorcycle.


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Tony Stark

Iron Man

Iron Man


Billionaire playboy and engineer Tony Stark is one of the most pivotal voices in weapons and defense technologies, thanks to his inventing of the powered armor suit. In his role as Iron Man, Stark fights crime and contributes to national security. His defense technologies corporation, Stark Industries, generates annual revenues of over $20 billion, according to Forbes




Pinky and the Brain 


This pair of science lab mice’s nightly attempts to take over the world never succeeded, though we were exposed to a number of Brain’s ingenious inventions. And even 15 years later, millions of 20-somethings around the country still have that ever-famous dialogue tattooed to their memory:


Pinky: "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"

The Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!"




Back to the Future 

Back to the Future Doc


Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown made time travel possible by tricking out a DeLorean DMC-12 with a flux capacitor. His breakfast machine could also come in handy on some dreary Monday mornings.




James Bond films



As head of Q Branch – the R&D arm of the British Secret Service – Q became an important figure in the James Bond film series, known for his extensive supply of nifty gadgets that often proved critical to the survival of Bond. The Bell Rocket Belt helped 007 escape gun toting bad guys in Thunderball (1965) while the revolving sofa from The Living Daylights (1987) swallowed its unsuspecting user up without a trace of evidence.



Professor Frink

The Simpsons 

Professor Frink Simpsons Gif Flying Motorcycle


Springfield’s resident scientist, Professor Frink, has been churning out inventions for over three decades. The sarcasm detector, the flying motorcycle, hamburger earmuffs, and the debigulator are just a few of his creations. And as The Simpsons works its way through its 25th season, the list of Frink-patented inventions is sure to grow. GLAYVIN!




Doctor Who 

Davros Doctor Who 

Megalomaniac Davros, the Doctor’s archenemy, is the most renowned scientist in the universe and the evil genius behind the Daleks. His advanced skills in robotics, cloning, engineering, and artificial intelligence are often used to hash out strategies and technologies to help in his quest to become the supreme ruler of the universe. Perhaps Davros’s best known invention is his own mobile life-support chair that houses his mangled body.



Steve Urkel

Family Matters 

Steve Urkel Gif


The clumsy, nerdy, and socially inept Steve Urkel quickly became a headlining character for ABC’s TGIF programming block thanks to his many endearing qualities. His most famous invention is without a doubt his “Cool Juice” which supressed his geeky side and unleashed the cool and confident Stefan Urquelle to the world.




Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Donatello TMNT


Donatello, distinguished by his purple bandana and bō staff, is the most intelligent of the ninja turtles gang, often taking charge of the technological aspects of their missions. Some of his inventions include the Turtle Sub, the stun gun, and the Patrol Buggy.



The Professor

Gilligan’s Island 

Gilligan's Island Professor


Though he was never able to return himself and his co-castaways back to civilization, the Professor put his science background to good use by inventing the coconut radio, a lie detector, a battery charger, and a telegraph.



Zefram Cochrane

Star Trek

Zefram Cochrane


Scientist Zefram Cochrane invented warp drive – a faster-than-light propulsion system – in the year 2063. The Vulcans took note of Cochrane (and humanity’s) inaugural warp flight, paving the way for mankind’s first contact with an alien race.



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