With less than three weeks to go until Halloween, it’s time to get the decorations out of the attic, pick up some pumpkins for carving, and plan your costume. If you’re going out to a party, taking the kids trick or treating, or handing out candy, dressing up is great way to enjoy the night with family or friends. And if you’re looking for a contemporary geek-approved costume, here are a few ideas that might help you have a podium finish at your office’s Annual Best Halloween Costume Contest.


Scary jack'o lantern



Walter White

With the series finale of Breaking Bad still fresh in the minds of fans everywhere, the number one costume of this Halloween season will likely be Walter White’s famous yellow hooded hazmat suit complete with half mask and blue rubber gloves. It’s easy to make and recognizable without being too mainstream among the general public – perfect for geeks. The one problem, however, might be that it’s too in – parties all over the world may end up being awash in a sea of bright yellow.


Breaking Bad                                                                                                                                                      

The solution? Try going with a Heisenberg outfit. The black brimmed hat, windbreaker, goatee, and sunglasses look will probably also be wildly popular, but a little less than the Hazmat one. And of course, for more daring BB devotee, the Walter White tighty whities are a third option.

Sadly for super fans (and super rich fans), you’re too late to buy this hyper-realistic Walter White mask – it sold for over $41,000 on eBay. 


iPhone 5S

iPhone costumes have been around for several years now and they always get a good reception. Check out this step-by-step guide to making an iPhone costume. All you need to do is update the dimensions and interface for the iPhone 5s and iOS7, and you have an awesome costume for 2013. 


iPhone Man


 Sergey Brin

The Google billionaire offers a geek chic style that's easy to replicate. What you need:

  • Dark wash slim fit blue jeans
  • Black long-sleeved form-fitting workout shirt
  • Beard (Sergey's been sporting one lately)
  • Homemade Google Glass

Sergey Brin                                                                                                                       


To make your own Google Glass, head down to the pharmacy or dollar store and find a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. To create the camera, you can use some common materials you'd find around the house. For instance, cut a 4”x0.5” strip out of a blue flexible Tupperware lid. Curve about one inch of one end of the strip to a rounded 90 degrees. With a little superglue, attach the strip to the right arm of the glasses and allow the curvature to attach to the upper right corner of the right frame. Finally, use a small circular piece of aluminum foil as a stand in for the camera lens.


If you’re looking for a modern costume, these three ideas are great for 2013. You can get as creative as you’d like by accessorizing your Walter White look with some blue pop rocks, choosing which apps or features you want to display on your iOS7 screen, or going with a suit for your Sergey Brin costume.


Or you can just go as Miley Cyrus.


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