The Apple Newsstand application has grown in popularity since its release on iOS 5.0. Just about every major magazine or newsprint company has made its content available through the Newsstand app – Men’s Fitness, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal are highly popular Newsstand downloads. Newsstand synchs via iCloud making for fluid use across devices. What’s more, many publishers offer free trial access to their content. That’s great, but for many entrepreneurs, even though staying on top of startups and business news is crucial, budgets are tight. So, here are four iTunes Newsstand magazine geared towards entrepreneurs that are 100% free – really!



1. Smarter Business Ideas

Smarter Business Ideas is a free Australian magazine geared towards small to medium business owners. The content is designed for Australian entrepreneurs so some articles won’t hold any weight for U.S. startups, but most of it is applicable to businesses all around the world. For instance, How your worst customer can be the best for business, and What to do when the clones attack are good reads for North American businesses as well.

Smarter Business Ideas


The Winter 2013 edition includes ways to improve cash flows, advice on how to expedite payments to your business, and tips for smarter branding. For a continuous flow of articles – not just quarterly Newsstand releases – check out


2. Small Business Digest

Small Business Digest is a bimonthly publication from New Jersey sharing news, information, and strategies for small businesses to improve their sales and profits. Its staff has over 40 years of experience in the small business sector and Small Business Digest is viewed by tens of thousands of businesses and individuals around the country. Currently, all 2013 publications are free to download through the Newsstand app.

Small Business Digest

The current edition is for July and August 2013. It includes an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the cloud and migration advice, tips for marketing via text messages, and persuasion techniques from the pros. Further Small Business Digest content is also available in print, via newsletter, online, and through podcasts. Go to to subscribe or to browse additional material. 


3. The Mobile Entrepreneur Magazine

MobInsider’s Mobile Entrepreneur Magazine offers advice on SMS marketing, insider info on innovating in the mobile space, mobile commerce optimization, and more. All its issues are free, but registration is required to access past releases. 

Small Business Digest

The current Mobile Entrepreneur issue looks at the future of mobile marketing, marketing myths, and mobile marketing strategies. Though MobInsider uses the free magazine to upsell some of its other products, the content is all the same valuable to any entrepreneur in the mobile space.


4. Entrepreneur Startups

Entrepreneur Startups chose to remain a standalone app instead of being downloadable from within Newsstand. The extra icon on your device’s screen might be a bit of a nuisance, but it’s worth the extra clutter. From the publisher of Entrepreneur Magazine whose website receives over six million unique visitors each month, Startups offers entrepreneurial inspiration and ideas, as well as advice on successfully getting your business idea off the ground.

Entrepreneur Startups

Quarterly issues are available free to download going back to Spring 2011. The Summer 2013 edition includes tips on finding the best employees for your business, an intro to franchising, and startup wisdom from multimillionaire entrepreneurs.


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