With many of your competitors likely using social media as marketing tool, standing out can be challenging. Take this staggering statistic: 9,100 tweets happen every second and it only takes 5 days to reach 1 billion tweets. Stats like these can make any marketing department a little discouraged about their ability to generate some online buzz. But don’t despair! With a little bit of elbow grease, creativity, and a video camera, any business can improve their social media footprint for the better.


Here are 4 ways that your business can incorporate video into your social media campaigns. 


Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to put your company’s abilities on display. It demonstrates that your company can solve clients’ problems using a real and relatable anecdote. The problem is that many companies are making use of case studies nowadays. Most, however, are in PDF format, which gives businesses who depict their case study in the form of an enticing video the upper hand. Check out how Old Spice launched its Smell Like a Man campaign below and share your success story with a video!





If you’re looking for a more regular stream of videos, then consider starting a vlog. Vlogging allows you to cover a wide range of topics – interviews with a variety of staff members, product tours, exciting announcements, client Q&A sessions – and is also a way to improve your search engine ranking. It makes it easier to connect with clients and can add another dimension to your business’s personality. Check out Blendtec founder Tom Dickinson’s famous Will it Blend? vlog see if the iPhone 5S will blend.




Warm and Fuzzies

Even though displays of the not-so-pleasant side of humanity go viral so often, we still love a feel good story. The Britain’s Got Talent audition video of Susan Boyle went viral overnight, as viewers around the world couldn’t get enough of the quirky Scott’s hidden talent. And this year, San Francisco’s BatKid stole the hearts of viewers all over the world. So do some good and spread some cheer! It’s a great way to create a sense of camaraderie among staff members, put a smile on some faces, and encourage others to do some good deeds too. See how Canadian airline WestJet shared some holiday magic this year.




Go Behind the Scenes

Giving customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company is a great way to put your values and visions on display. It’s also a way to introduce key members of your business to the public, in particular ones that are usually out of the spotlight due to the nature of their role. Giving viewers a new look at your business can change the perception of it from a faceless entity to a place where talented individuals work together and have fun. Take a behind-the-scenes look at social search engine Wajam's year in review.



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