For every app that succeeds, there are thousands of apps that go unnoticed in the marketplace. There are many factors that go into a successful app and while a major component is luck, give yourself the best chance of success by avoiding these simple mistakes.


5 Reasons No One is Using Your App

Image by Cristiano Betta


Poor Design


Nowadays all users have very high expectations when it comes to apps. They expect everything to function proper and also look great. Everything from your logo and icon to your user interfaces must feel like they were professionally designed. Tacky menus and sketchy logos are an instant turn off for any new user.


Your visuals are your first chance to make an impression, so don't neglect the importance of professionally created visual assets.


Bad Ratings


If the majority of existing users are giving bad reviews for your app, then you should take the necessary steps to improve your app. It can be disappointing to put a lot of time into something that isn't appreciated by others. However, if you are serious about your app then you should spend the time to rectify the issues and provide a better product.


Lack of Information


Nothing screams out “scam” or “dodgy” like an app description that provides a very limited amount of information. The harder it is to find out information about your app, the more reluctant new users will become.


Be transparent about your app, don't try to hide things. Why would you want to hide information about your app anyway? You don't have anything to hide unless your app is involved in illegal activities, but let's not go there.


Poor Marketing


Poor marketing is a major culprit behind the low user count for your app. In our modern app marketplace it is too saturated to rely on luck to go viral. You have to market your app through social media and other digital media. There are many avenues of gaining publicity and attention towards your app. A well written press release submitted on a high traffic website could expose your app to a huge amount of potential users. And social media can be used to stay connected with your customers providing a direct link of communication between you and your users.


It Costs Too Much


As app developers ourselves, we understand that you want to be rewarded for the hard work and effort you put into your app. But you have to be reasonable when pricing your app. If you are offering something that can be obtained for free, even if you feel your competitors offer an inferior product, your users will always choose the free option.


We aren't asking you to treat all your potential customers as cheapskates, instead you should research your potential market and price your app accordingly.


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