Deciding which platform to publish your app on is a major decision. It dictates who is able to use your app and the entire development process. It seems Apple and Android will always be competing with one another, and it's up to you to decide which is the best platform for your app.


iOS vs Android App


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Which Are You Most Comfortable With?


Developing for the platform you are most comfortable with allows you to make the best use of its tools and features. It will also decrease production time as you'll be much more familiar with the development process.


Familiarity with a platform's app marketplace means you can avoid future plans with listing your app. Android is known to be much more lenient with its quality control and app listing criteria, however Apple is a bit stricter and your app must meet their requirements.


Find Out Which Operating System Your Users Are Using


This step requires a bit of market research on your part. If you notice that most of your users are using iOS then it would be beneficial to development an iOS app. You can gather enough data to make an educated guess on your market's system based on usage data which is similar to your own app. For example if you are developing a new travel app, you might notice that there is a significantly larger amount of iOS users using travel related apps.


Sometimes our jobs as developers is to find a market that has a certain demand and create a solution.


Understand Both Markets


The user demographics of each platform is quite different. On average, iOS users are much more willing to pay for a premium product than Android users who value freedom and accessibility. Android users are also much more open to trying out a new app, so if you are going to try the free app route, than the Android audience might be a bit more receptive.


These are just very broad generalizations, but they are backed by market and consumer research. To truly understand both markets you will need to conduct extensive research, however not everyone has the time or resources to do such a study. In that case, you should gather as much data and information as possible and choose the market that best fits your app.


You Can Eventually Have an App for Both


Unless you have the time and resources to develop your app for both platforms simultaneously, you will most likely release it earlier on one of the two operation systems. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you can then gradually work on releasing your app on both platforms.


If you have time and budget constraints which prevent you from being able to release two versions of your app, then you will need to carefully think about your choice. Otherwise, you can test the waters on one platform and then gradually release the second version.


iOS or Android?


Choosing one platform over the other is a mix of careful considerations and personal preference. While there are benefits and disadvantages to each platform, there is no wrong or right answer. If possible, the best solution would be to develop for both operating systems and perform tweaks where necessary. That's what we did for @GetMyBoat. We're here to help you, from making those initial decisions through launch and updates NapkinBetaBeyond is your expert team when you need us. 


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