Outlook is the business world’s email overlord. Despite the love-hate relationship that many users have with Microsoft products, Microsoft Outlook is the leading email client in the business space. Businesses as small as home offices and as large as multinational Fortune 500 companies are loyal (and, at times, frustrated) Outlook users. Read More
  “VCs… so hot right now.”   That’s what Will Ferrell’s character, Mugatu, from the 2001 comedy Zoolander might say about the status of venture capital among capital hungry startup founders and entrepreneurs.   Venture capital currently is very hot. In fact, it’s been hot since the rise of the tech bubble. To most startup founders, securing VC is a goal that has crosshairs all over it. However, holding off on venture capital might be a better decision than most founders realize. Read More
  A new report released by Deloitte analyzed the economic impact that Facebook enabled around the world in 2014. Despite the social media giant’s whopping reach being well known, the findings demonstrated in the report are still a powerful revelation of the significant influence that Facebook has over the global economy.   The report, titled Facebook’s Global Economic Impact, was commissioned by Facebook.   Read More
  Take a quick look at your smartphone. How many apps do you have on it? 10? 20? 30? More?   Even though your phone or tablet is likely filled with everything from productivity to retail apps, you might think that the mobile app space is reserved for large companies like Starbucks, J.P. Morgan, or the New York Times when in fact many small and medium businesses could benefit from having their very own app. The reality is that in the fast-paced world that we live in where everyone seems to be multitasking and taking care of tasks on the go, your business’s mobile strategy shouldn’t begin and end at a mobile-friendly website. Read More
  In today’s crowded online space where registering a catchy domain name is seemingly either impossible or prohibitively expensive, making use of a clever hack might just be what a potential website or online business needs to stand out from the competition and increase visibility. Read More