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iOS 8, which was trumpeted by Apple CEO Tim Cook as being the most revolutionary iOS to date generated a lot of excitement when it was first announced back in June. And, though it has some enhanced features that we love (Continuity, enhanced Spotlight searches), we can’t help but feel a little frustrated with some of the troubles that have been inherent to iOS8.

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Many gamers believe the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is destined to lead the next generation of gaming. This technology isn’t just revolutionary for gaming however. The Oculus Rift has other applications that may just transform other fields in addition to gaming. Read More
Earlier this month, the 88th Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. When all the singing, the prancing, the interviewing, and the spray tanning was over and the confetti had settled, the final spotlight shone on Kira Kazantsev of New York as she was crowned Miss America 2015. However, the focus is now on John Oliver’s amazing takedown of Miss America, and in particular how the organization only offers a fraction of the total scholarship dollars that it claims to. Read More
With the NFL in the midst of a crisis following a harrowing month of player-implicated scandals being brought to light, the league and the offending players at risk of losing millions in corporate sponsorship deals. NFL stars aren’t the only athletes who have seen their wallet thin following a scandal, however, with athletes from a wide range of sports having been implicated in their share of wrongdoings.   Here are six athletes who lost nearly $250 million in combined endorsement deals. Read More