If the smell of pumpkin spice lattes emanating from your local Starbucks didn’t tip you off that Halloween is right around the corner, then the packs of candy stacked to the ceiling of every pharmacy surely did.   That’s right; October 31 is only 11 days away. And, you’re tired of the sexy look being the default costume for female at Halloween – sexy cat, sexy policewoman, sexy nurse – then here are seven costume ideas that promise to empower you rather than objectify you. Read More
  Pitching to investors, negotiating your stake, and introducing a Series A round – welcome to the exciting world of venture capital. If you’re like most startup founders who have dreams of Facebook-like domination and Silicon Valley sway, then you’ve probably considered securing VC funding to be key to your company’s success. The truth is, however, that many startup seek venture capital investments far too early in their lifecycle, which ends up causing more harm than good to the company. Read More
  First, the definition of the word “literally” was updated to include the literal opposite of its true meaning. Now, the White House has added emojis to its lexicon, evident in its recent report on the status of millennials in America. Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave, right? Read More
  Microsoft’s legs are getting a workout as the corporate giant has been forced to do some backpedaling as of late. First, with the unveiling of Windows 10, Microsoft revealed an interface similar to Windows 7, implying that the company has accepted that Windows 8 was a flop and is ready to return to a more familiar layout. The real PR nightmare, however, started last week when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had less-than-stellar advice for women seeking a pay raise: Believe in the system and the right things will happen. Read More
Corporate buzzwords: We’re all guilty of using them. The overuse of office jargon by middle managers, corporate executives, and business management consultants has rendered such words practically meaningless, however.

Fight the buzzword barrage by banning these tired phrases from your corporate vocabulary. Read More