You’ve poured your heart and soul into making the best game possible. You’ve play tested, found all the bugs, made sure your code executed perfectly across a wide range of devices and platforms, put in great art and animations, and made sure that your payment gateway is responding properly. However now comes the part that every mobile game startup both looks forward to and dreads, getting people to play their game. While there are many potential marketing strategies that a mobile game startup can use, one of the most tried and tested methods of making any product successful is through the use of referrals. Read More
  Everything you do, from your daily routine to long term business development - is a decision. With every decision, comes risk.   Only by utilizing a reliable process can educated decisions be made, poor decisions identified faster, and risk mitigated.   Decision making is a science, and that is where we come in. Having designed and fine tuned our process, we have established our way of getting things done. Using smaller decision intervals, faster iterations, quicker pivots, we come up with quality results - faster.   Utilizing standardized procedures, we function powerfully as a team. Once we pair with a company, we don’t start a new process from scratch. Instead, we adapt our ways to fit your needs. The process is customized to your product, yet structured in such a way as to enforce timeliness, organization, and guaranteed results.   It is through iteration and re-evaluation that secure decisions are made.    Offering time proven techniques, we walk through the design and development stages of your company with you - step by step - making decisions along the way.  As product specific data is gathered throughout the process, it is utilized to measure and re-evaluate the decisions, going through as many iterations as needed to arrive at a top quality product. Discover our approach to decisions making - you won’t be disappointed. Read More
 Fantasy sports is big business. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 32 million Americans take part in the pastime, spending $15 billion on playing. We sat down with Chris Tisler, Chief Operating Officer of White Tie Fantasy, to hear how they got their start in the industry. White Tie Fantasy partnered with AppealingStudio, to take its idea from go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤Beyond℠.  Read More
 Blink 182 just dropped new album, Independence Day is back in theaters, and everyone is playing Pokemon. While it may feel like we’ve gone back in time to the 90s, we’re actually in the midst of a millennial-fueled nostalgia trip. And when it comes to the resurgence of Pokemon, small businesses are capitalizing big time. Read More
Our friends at The Farm Soho in New York have been examining the coworking space at home and around the globe, keeping up to date with the currents of the shared workspace industry. While they've managed to uncover (and lead the way in championing) some fascinating work-style trends, including workplace flexibility and digital nomads, the company took some time to evaluate the top coworking spaces in Texas.   Read More