Yesterday, the Internet lost its collective mind when Tumblr user Swiked posted a photo of a striped dress and called on cyberspace to settle a debate she was having: “[G]guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree,” she wrote.     It turns out that, due to some impressive fill-in-the-blank, color attribution tricks happening in our brains, the answer varies: Some people will see a blue and black dress while others, looking at the exact same photo, will see a white and gold dress.   Nevertheless, something that blew the Twittersphere away in just a matter of hours is sure to generate some hilarious reactions and memes. Here are the 22 funniest ones we dug up. Read More
  “Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it.”   That’s what Mathew Carpenter wrote on startup curation site Product Hunt just days after launching (warning: site contains NSFW language). His pleas and frustration were a result of the influx of orders that had been placed on his newly founded website. In the four days that followed the launch of Ship Your Enemies Glitter, Carpenter had generated more than $20,000 AUD (about $15,700 USD) of sales and received 2.5 million page views. Read More
  Nowadays, just about anyone can become an entrepreneur thanks to the advent of affordable technology and online marketplaces. All one needs is a viable business idea and minimal resources like enough capital, a domain name and website, and some free time. However, since many markets are incredibly competitive with high barriers to entry, not all entrepreneurs manage to succeed early on, and ever fewer go on to achieve long-term prosperity. There are, however, a few personality traits that, if an entrepreneur possesses them, can make the likelihood of succeeding greater.   Here are four personality traits that define a successful entrepreneur. Read More
  Yesterday, Walmart shocked the labor market when it announced that it would be upping its minimum wage to $10 per hour — $2.75 above the federally mandated minimum wage. The move will affect the half a million store associates employed at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the United States and is estimated to cost the company $1 billion in additional labor pay. While some are singing the praises of Walmart for taking a proactive approach to improving the standard of living of its employees, many are remaining cautiously optimistic about the move, in particular due to Walmart’s spotty labor practices trackrecord. Read More
Yes you read that right: a $1 salary. In fact, it isn’t that rare for the CEO of a massive corporation to “get by” on a $1 annual salary. The motivation for doing so isn’t solely altruism, however. Many do it for the publicity, particularly as awareness of wealth inequality in America has grown and movements like Occupy Wall Street have put outrageous salaries in the crosshairs. The reality is that the CEOs that earn a $1 salary for the year typically take home much more than that thanks to steep equity packages. Throw in all-expenses paid cars, trips, security, and other goodies, and you can bet that a number of us would be willing to take the $1 per year gig. Read More