How many times have you been told to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night?   Probably a lot. We hear it from our colleagues, from our doctors, from the news, and even from the Surgeon General, who went as far as calling good sleeping habits “a game changer.”   As it turns out, however, some of modern history’s greatest titans of industry, entrepreneurs, and big wigs might have something to say about those recommendations. In fact, many were insomniacs who were able to reach incredible heights in their careers thanks to their avoidance of the sandman. Read More
  I get carsick. Ever since I can remember, being a passenger in a moving vehicle causes me to feel nauseous. In fact, it took me a while – well into my teens – to shake the slight queasiness I would feel when I’d catch a whiff of spearmint gum. My mom isn’t a big gum chewer, but on my family’s biannual nine-hour car treks to the east coast, she would often pop a piece of spearmint gum in her mouth, perhaps in an effort to break the monotony of those long drives. This was before the days of tablets and smartphones, in case you’re wondering how a stick of Trident could possibly be interesting. The scent of the gum coincided with my nausea and so, I suppose, my brain began to associate spearmint gum with queasiness. And so, for a while, I’d feel slightly ill whenever a trace of spearmint gum would find my nostrils, even though I was not strapped in to any car. Read More
Mars One Finalist Reveals It’s Ripping Off Its Supporters   Mars One, the non-profit Dutch organization that is undertaking a mission to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by 2025, has been turning heads since it began accepting applications from the public for the colonist job openings. Its ambitious pursuit of exploration and its drive to expand humanity’s footprint beyond Planet Earth has renewed interest in space exploration. Perhaps not since the moon landing has the public been more fascinated about a proposed mission.  Read More
For the majority of startups, gaining traction and getting noticed can be a challenge. And though it may be the mecca for burgeoning tech companies, San Francisco can be unforgiving to the thousands of bright-eyed entrepreneurs who are faced with the harsh realization that standing out in the cosmopolitan capital of startups can be nearly impossible. Many find themselves reaching for a life preserver before ever leaving the dock. Read More
  For all the ugliness that surrounds the Reddit community — the morally bankrupt subreddits like /r/jailbait and /r/picsofdeadkid, and the Boston Marathon bombings witch-hunt which wrongfully accused a missing Brown University student of committing the terrorist acts (his body was later recovered from Rhode Island’s Providence River) — there are perhaps just as many examples of users coming together via Reddit and – as the cliché goes – restoring our faith in humanity. Read More