With thousands of products jostling for our attention each and every day, many marketers are turning to distinct packaging as a way to gain a competitive advantage with jaded consumers. Used to stand out from the crowd, show off a brand’s personality, or raise the product’s perceived value, packaging has become an important component of the marketing mix. Given the number of “unboxing” videos – videos in which a product’s owner unseals and unpacks a brand new product (usually a high-end tech product like a smartphone or tablet) – circulating online, it seems that consumers are aware and appreciative of quality packaging. Read More
  Swap your martini on the rocks for some good old H2O and trade in your wing tip, leather Oxfords for a pair of sole-hugging runners because the gym is the new, hot place to network with clients.   “Sweatworking,” as it’s been dubbed, is the growing practice of meeting clients and business partners for a fitness class, jog, or powerwalk, edging out the standard cocktail mixer or martini lunch. Read More
  Scores of data on millennials are being gathered every day by organizations wanting to learn more about the generation of young adults who make up nearly one-third of the population. How they use technology, what they value in their work, and how much debt they’re saddled with are just a few pieces of information that statisticians are diligently collecting. And while information on these young adults, born between 1980 and 2000, is easy to come by, what to do with that information is the challenge for marketers. Companies that are able to successfully turn data-driven insights about the millennial generation into precise branding strategies have a significant advantage when it comes to marketing to members of the age group. Read More
    The Internet has the ability to bring individuals and communities together to share information and exchange ideas on a level never before possible. It has democratized communication by giving even the most oppressed individuals a voice and a means to express themselves.   It has also brought us a $55 thousand crowdfunded potato salad party, Rebecca Black, and a digital currency ode to Kanye West. Read More
  AppealingStudio builds custom software for all types of organizations – from ambitious startups to government agencies. Over the last few years and after having developed a number of such apps, we’ve built a complete set of skills and expertise the design and development of sharing economy software, a space that has skyrocketed as late. Read More