Major cities around the United States are experiencing significant urban decay. Perhaps the most well known case of a U.S. city falling into despair is that of Detroit. An onslaught of competition from overseas automakers has led to a rise in unemployment and crime, and a sharp decline in population in Detroit. But the sad sights of decrepit neighborhoods isn’t solely reserved for the Motor City. Take a look below at some of the other urban areas that are rotting away. Read More
The best ideas are born out of specific pain points, in the case of MentionTribe, a couple of small business owners feeling the same pain [an interaction void in traditional social media] enlisted AppealingStudio to help bridge the gap. Read More
Though its name might sound kind of like Oreo, nothing is black and white about the Aereo case, which is currently being considered by the Supreme Court. Is Aereo infringing on the copyrights of television broadcasters or is the Long Island-based company providing a revolutionary – and legal – TV streaming service to Americans? Even copyright experts aren’t sure which way the Supreme Court will rule, but they’re all certain of one thing: A ruling in favor of Aereo could reshape the future of television. Read More
  Not to be outdone by American Airlines (who forwarded a 14-year-old girl’s sarcastic terrorism threat tweet to the FBI, resulting in her arrest), US Airways found its own unique way to get the Twittersphere talking. But this time, it wasn’t a debate about Twitter etiquette for teens and whether parents should monitor their child’s social media habits more closely. Nope – the US Airways snafu came about when whoever at the US Airways offices was minding its Twitter account inadvertently tweeted out a super NSFW (not safe for work) image featuring a woman and a toy airplane (we’ll leave it at that). It may be the most obscene corporate Twitter fail ever. The tweet was of course deleted, but only after 50 very long minutes, giving Twitter users, bloggers, and talking heads around the world plenty of time to get word of the… umm… screw-up. Since then, the US Airways Twitter account has been pummeled with tweets of clever puns, wordplay, and lowbrow jokes.   Here are 22 of the best Twitter responses to US Airways’ inadvertent NSFW tweet. Read More
  Some innovative new safety developments are being tested out on the roads – one even quite literally. Glow-in-the-dark paint used for road lines to improve nighttime visibility and reduce energy usage is being tested on a stretch of highway in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, British automaker Land Rover is prototyping its “invisible hood” technology, which, through the clever use of front-facing cameras and projectors, virtually removes the SUV’s hood from the driver’s vision. Read More