A growing number of lumbersexuals are coming out of the woodwork and reclaiming their masculinity, one chin whisker at a time. At least according to the Internet.   No, it’s not an attraction to people who work in the logging industry. Lumbersexuality is, in fact, the latest trend in men’s fashion, with plaid shirts, leather boots, and raw denim being the quintessential pieces of every lumbersexual’s wardrobe. Oh, and don’t forget the beard. Full, unkempt bristles are required facial accessories for membership in the lumbersexual club.   The lumbersexual is the new type of man. He’s hairy, he’s rugged and he’s the opposite of the metrosexual. Or is he? Read More
Uber vs. Sarah Lacy Battle Raises “What If” Questions   It’s no secret that Uber is at best indifferent and at worst a serious offender when it comes to treating their female clients and drivers with respect. In addition to a driver being arrested for the kidnap of a female passenger, and the recent launch of a sexist French ad campaign in which Uber promises to pair riders with “Hot Chick” drivers, CEO Travis Kalanick joked with a reporter earlier this year, when asked about his catapulted desirability among the opposite sex, that he has women on demand now. “We call that Boob-er.”   Sarah Lacy, founder and editor-in-chief of PandoDaily has been shining the ultraviolet spotlight on the ridesharing service for the past two years, raising awareness of the company’s less-than-stellar PR record. Read More
  1989 is hitting milestones and breaking records.   Released on October 27, 2014, 1989 is the latest album from Taylor Swift. Along with marking the singer-songwriters official debut into purely pop music – a departure from her trademark country-pop style of previous albums – 1989 is the fifth studio album for the twenty-four year old. But the most noteworthy facts about Swift’s latest record have to do with sales: In its first week, 1989 sold 1,287,000 copies in the United States alone, the most in over 12 years when Eminem’s The Eminem Show sold 1.3 million copies that spring. Read More
  Some are grainy. Some are black and white. But each of these photos capture the essence of every one of these entrepreneurs who are some of the most illustrious inventors, marketers, and business strategists of the past 200 years.    From blue jeans to spacecrafts, here are ten iconic images of the most seminal entrepreneurs. Read More
  The latest must-follow pair of Twitter accounts don’t belong to singers, actors, or athletes. In fact, they don’t even belong to living beings. They do belong, however, to the newest pair of young hot celebrities to grace the covers of just about every major newspaper around the world this week. I’m talking, of course, about Rosetta (@ESA_Rosetta) and Philae (@Philae2014), the robotic space probe and its lander, which touched down on a comet yesterday, marking a first in space exploration history. Read More