With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for your business Christmas cards. Sending out holiday cards that successfully convey a genuine appreciation to your clients and partners can be tricky, especially when recipients’ mailboxes are inundated with mass-produced greeting cards. So here are a few tips to mailing out Christmas cards that will effectively express the gratitude you have to your clients and partners for your past and present business relationship without getting lost among the rest of the inauthentic and overly-manufactured Christmas cards.


Christmas cards


Start early

Even though it may seem odd to think about Christmas when Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed, now is the best time to get started. Finding or designing the right card, ordering it, penning handwritten messages, and mailing out the cards can take weeks. So forget about your pre-Thanksgiving hangups and get started as soon as possible, especially before the bombardment of end-of-year administrative tasks pile up on your desk.


Find a supplier

You could run down to the drug store around the corner and pick up a box of 100 holiday greeting cards, but sending out customized cards that include your company’s name or logo are more effective and are bound to leave a more memorable impression with recipients. Online printing services like Vistaprint allow you to upload your own design, work from a blank template, or choose from dozens of customizable designs and layouts.


Who to send cards to

Any clients, past and present, as well as important partners should receive a card. Has your supplier provided you with timely service day in and day out? Does your accountant consistently return your calls within the hour? Then show your gratitude by including them on your list of recipients. Maintaining relationships can be challenging, but Christmas cards provide a medium with which to engage and thank your clients and partners.




What type of cards to send

Cards should be tasteful. Even though a DUI Santa card may seem like a good idea, fight your urges and go with a more refined theme.

Only use high quality designs. If you’re using an online printing supplier to design your card, make sure that the logo you provide meets the dimensions or pixel requirements specified.


What to write inside

Along with the standard message printed on the inside of the card, include a personal handwritten note. That note should include the recipient’s name, one or two sentences expressing thanks and well wishes, as well as your name. You can add your contact info to your signature or include a business card along with the Christmas card – whichever you prefer.




The envelope

If time permits, skip the computer-generated mailing labels and write each recipient’s address out by hand. It’s so rare today to receive a letter addressed by hand and doing so will make your card stand out among the rest by demonstrating that you put time and consideration into each card. Clients will appreciate knowing that your Christmas greeting cards were individually thought out.


Are eCards ok?

Physical cards are preferable, but if you have many international clients, mailing cards overseas can be very costly. In such cases, sending out electronic cards from sites like eGreetings is acceptable practice.


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