Wine enthusiasts rejoice! Enlightening your taste buds or sharing your wine collection with other wine lovers is now easier than ever thanks to an exciting California startup. CorkSharing is the first marketplace to schedule and book private wine tasting from personal collectors and wineries and it’s generating quite a buzz in the wine community. If you’re a Beaujolais buff, a Dolcetto devotee, or a Merlot maniac, then check out CorkSharing to get your wine on.


About CorkSharing

The idea for CorkSharing came about two years ago when a group of Californian wine lovers decided they wanted to shake – or swirl – up the wine industry. Perhaps not since the 2004 release of the critically acclaimed film Sideways has the industry had much to get excited about. (Sideways is credited with having boosted Pinot Noir sales by 16% in the wake of the film’s warm reception from critics and the Academy.) But since CorkSharing’s official launch earlier this year, the company has been giving wine aficionados and noobs alike something to talk about. Through its online community and marketplace, which was designed with the help of NapkinBetaBeyonds, CorkSharing is making wine tasting and hosting more straightforward and accessible – and that’s something that we can all get excited about.


Wine Tasting



How it Works

CorkSharing is a twofold platform: It provides wine enthusiasts the ability to search and book wine tastings through a centralized listing of wineries, sommeliers, and private collectors that are hosting wine tasting sessions, while also providing those businesses and collectors with the opportunity to list and sell tickets to their upcoming sessions for free.


For Wine Tasters

Individuals or groups looking to attend a wine tasting can begin a search on by entering their desired city or region. The search returns all nearby wine tasting sessions listed on CorkSharing. Search results can be refined based on a number of factors including price, group size, number of tastings, and wine type.


Once you’ve selected a session you’d like to attend, simply reserve your spot by entering your credit card information on checkout. CorkSharing is 100% free for wine tasters to use and sessions start at just $5.


CorkSharing Listings Napa Valley


For Hosts

Wineries and private collectors interested in hosting can set up a free profile with CorkSharing. Private collectors can sign up via their Facebook account. Host profiles should include details about the winery or tasting room, photos, contact info, as well as the tasting schedule. Hosts must also supply their payout details. CorkSharing uses a secure platform to deposit the payments it receives from guests into the accounts of hosts.


Connect with CorkSharing

Keep up-to-date on what’s going on over at CorkSharing by following it on Twitter or liking it on Facebook. You can also check out the CorkSharing blog where you can get tips on how to master your first wine tasting session, learn about the health benefits of wine, and find out why knowing your wines is invaluable.


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