Being calculated about your password security can save you a big headache down the line. Aside from hitting the Forgot your password button several times a week, failing to be strategic about your passwords can wreak havoc on your reputation and your bank account.

So here’s one strategy, using a couple tools, that will help you keep your passwords safe and keep you working efficiently throughout the day.


Secure password generators

Too many people use unsecure passwords. Just look at what the most common passwords of 2012 are:


Common Passwords


Before we go any further, if you’re reading this and these passwords look all too familiar, STOP. It’s time to change your password to something more secure, now! If you’re having trouble coming up with a strong password, check out these tips. If you’re still scratching your head though, try using a password generator. Security software giant Symantec offers a free password generator here. It takes less than 30 seconds to select the characteristics you’d like your password to include and receive a randomly generated password. In fact, the password that was generated for me - ciu@Oa7R – would take 463 years for a hacker to guess.


Password Generator


Don’t use the same password

Now that you have a tool to help you come up with secure passwords, use it a lot! Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. Hackers target seemingly unimportant accounts, like online forum accounts, in hopes that the login credentials gathered are the same as those used for online banking. So, use many passwords and keep reading to find out how you can securely store your multiple passwords.


Password Management Tools

Numerous reputable password management tools are free to download. PasswordBox, for instance, uses a single sign-on approach to browsing the web. It saves login credentials for all online accounts and users only need to sign in once through the PasswordBox app to gain instant access to all their accounts. The app provides protection against malicious keystroke tracking software since users no longer need to type their passwords. It syncs with all your devices making it for fluid use across platforms. CNET, Forbes, VentureBeat, and PCMag have all given it rave reviews.





But is it safe? Even though using a password management tool creates a single point of failure should it ever be compromised, reputable apps are highly secure. PasswordBox has taken a number of measures to back its data security guarantee. Passwords are encrypted on users’ computers, so readable passwords are never stored to PasswordBox’s severs or sent out over the internet. Enterprise-class firewalls are used in secure data centers around the world, and SSL protocols are in place on the PasswordBox network.


Using the tools discussed above, you’ll be able to come up with dozens of secure passwords – one for each account – while only having to remember a single password. This way, you’ll be able to browse securely throughout the day without getting slowed down whenever you can’t remember a password.


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