Today we’re taking a look at Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5. Founded in 2009, Fiverr is a platform for people from across the globe to come together to buy and sell small-scale services. Are you looking to hire a professional artist to sketch an image for your website? Or, do you need someone with a charismatic voice to record voiceover narration for your YouTube video? Then browse some of the offers on Fiverr. Likewise, if you’re a gifted translator, a talented graphic designer, or a knowledgeable nutritionist and you’d like to do some freelance work, then Fiverr is worth checking out.


The Basics of Fiverr

Services posted on Fiveer are known as gigs and the base price of gigs is $5. Registration is free, but users must have a registered account in order to buy and sell gigs. Payment can be made through PayPal or by credit card.


Fiverr Homepage



How to Buy on Fiverr

You can enter keywords in the Fiverr search field to start your hunt, or you can browse by category, such as Programming & Tech, Online Marketing, Graphics & Design, or Gifts. Browsing the front page is also an excellent source of inspiration. Fiverr is a community of creativity and collaboration so take a few minutes to browse the potpourri that is the front page and you might just get some new ideas. Take a look at gigs that spark your interest and carefully review the seller’s profile and offer. When you’re ready to order, you’ll be redirected to PayPal to finalize your purchase.


Once the gig is complete, remember to provide accurate and detailed feedback on your experience. That way, you’ll be helping future buyers make decisions that are more informed.


How to Sell on Fiverr

Newly registered sellers have restrictions placed on their account, such as being unable to offer multiple gigs at the same time or selling a gig at a price above $5. In order to lift those restrictions, sellers must advance their profile to higher “levels.” Levels are determined by a seller’s performance and reputation. Each promotion allows the seller additional prospects and tools to grow their business as well as a reduction in restrictions. Failing to maintain service levels or reputation will cause the seller to drop back to a lower level, thus forfeiting allowances that were previously earned at the higher level.


For each $5 gig a seller completes, he or she will receive $4 net; Fiverr takes a 20% cut.


Fiverr Create a New Gig


Setting up a gig is easy. Simply fill out a form describing your gig, upload a picture (make sure it’s in the public domain or you own the rights to it), and select the duration of the gig (how many days it will take for you to complete the gig). Fiverr also lets you upload a 10-60 second video describing your services. Including a video raises your chances of selling your gig by 220%, so think twice before you skip this step.


When you sell your first gig, make sure you meet all the promises you made (deadline, quality) in order to receive positive feedback. Always strive towards exceeding buyers’ expectations. It’s the fastest way to advance your account to the next level.


Cool Gigs

Here are a few gigs that are currently being offered on Fiverr.


          Fiverr Voicemail     Fiverr Blackboard Chalk Logo

           Fiverr Paper Car Logo     Fiverr Vine

          Fiverr Cartoon     Fiverr Personal Assistant



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