With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to share your feelings of adoration for those special people in your life. That typically means dinner reservations, boxes of chocolates, and celebrity-hawked colognes (smell like Gene Simmons for only $11.18!) for your significant other. But this year, why not also show a little love to your business and the people who have helped make it a success.


Here are a few silly Valentine's Day greetings that will show your team how much you appreciate everything they do.These ill-advised cards might also land you in court facing a sexual harassment suit so use with caution. 



Show your appreciation to the revenue-generators of your business.


Valentine's - Cold Call




Don't forget the guys and gals that keep your IT systems running smoothly.


Valentine's - McAfee


Valentine's - URL




And don't overlook those who handle the books! 


Valentine's - Debit




Show your appreciation to those who helped build your brand.


Valentine's - Market Research




Even the finance department needs a little love on Valentine's Day.


Valentine's - Finance




Show your Human Resources team how much you care for them.


Valentine's Day Card for HR




Be good to those who manage the flow of your business's resources.


Valentine's Day Card for Logistics



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