Launching an email marketing campaign is quite a big task. Like most things in marketing, it takes time to pick up momentum. There is a method to the madness and once you realize how easy it is, you should be able to replicate the same success for all future email marketing campaigns.


How to Launch a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Use a Reliable Emailing Service


A service such as AWeber or MailChimp are safe choices. Be careful if you plan to use a lot of affiliate links or direct marketing links with MailChimp as their terms of service prohibits such activities, and some users have reported having their account suspended because of marketing too heavily through MailChimp. AWeber is a popular choice for marketers because there are no marketing limitations and emails sent through AWeber rarely end up in the junk folder.


There are many useful functions offered by these emailing services that free email providers don't offer. Cutting costs by using a cheaper email service will only hurt you.


Build a List


The next step to launching a successful email marketing campaign is to build a list of people to email. Capture people's emails by adding subscription boxes on your website. Make them noticeable so that users can find it easily, you should also try a pop-up subscription box. It might seem like it would be annoying to users and might deter them from using your website, but studies have shown that users don't mind that much and it dramatically increases the number of subscribers.


It is common practice to have multiple subscription boxes on one page, so don't think you are only confined to one space. The most effective places to place your subscription box are towards the side of the page, at the end of a post or using the pop-up method.


Connect with Your Email List


Now that you have users on your email list, it is time to send them an email. Make sure you have something useful to say and that you are connecting with your users rather than being another bit of spam. You don't want your users to regret signing up to your email list, instead you want them to feel like they are now connected to an invaluable stream of information.


Once you establish a strong and personal connection with your audience, they will be much more receptive to your marketing efforts later.


Converting Your Subscribers


The final step in launching a successful is to turn the people on your list to paying customers. If you have done everything right and established a strong connection with your audience then this step will be quite easy.


Selling to someone that already trusts you is much easier than trying to convert a complete stranger. To convert a subscriber to a customer you have to provide an answer to their needs/questions. This means that your product or app must somehow enrich their lives. Once you find this unique selling point, push it onto your subscribers and you should see a significant response.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is great pathway to creating a strong connection with your audience. Share any questions or tips you have in the comments below or tweet us at @Appealingstudio.