As the sun sets on Clermont, Florida and the weekend is quietly coming to a close, the MentionTribe office is buzzing in anticipation of its March 15 launch party. A 30-hour strategic scrum has just wrapped up and, aside from the cutthroat ping-pong matches being held in the backroom, there’s a feeling of excitement and impatience around the building as the MentionTribe team prepares to unveil its social media marketing platform to small-medium businesses (SMB) around the world this Saturday.


“We’ve spent the past three years developing, testing, and fine-tuning MentionTribe,” says co-founder Bryan Orr as he tidies up the stacks of papers strewn across his desk. “We can’t wait to show it off.”


MentionTribe is a forward-thinking rewards site tailored for SMBs. It fully integrates with Twitter and Facebook and consists of a two-sided social platform that provides both the business and the customer with rewards and benefits. The service helps businesses create shareable offers and then see how people use them – not just who is talking about it, but also who is listening.


MentionTribe Page


Frustrated that their search for such a product came up empty, small business owners Bryan Orr and Joel Testerman decided to take matters into their own hands and founded MentionTribe. In the 36 months since the idea for MentionTribe was born, Orr and Testerman have partnered with cloud and mobile development solutions provider NapkinBetaBeyond to design their SaaS application, secured funding, and seen MentionTribe gain a loyal Twitter following.


Orr is the founder of Kalo Services, a Florida-based residential service provider and commercial construction company while Testerman owns home services business Testerman’s Home Services.


“The way that small businesses interact with customers through social networks is very limited at the moment,” Orr explains. “Staying connected with client networks and rewarding loyal customers requires significant resources that many small businesses simply don’t have. MentionTribe streamlines social media networking and helps entrepreneurs grow their business – all for free.”


MentionTribe Scrum


Businesses using MentionTribe will be able to set up offers across multiple networks with just a few clicks, see how customers react, and seamlessly tweak the offers as needed. It lets SMBs find out who their most valuable customers are and, in turn, reward their loyalty.


On the consumer side, MentionTribe allows users to quickly see which local service professionals and shops their friends trust. Consumers can select their favorite “Go-to” businesses, share and claim attractive offers, and see how their recommendations have impacted those in their network, while earning rewards for their brand loyalty.


MentionTribe Visual



“Wouldn’t you love to know which mechanics your friends trust and recommend without needing to call anyone?” asks Orr as he walks out of the MentionTribe office. The sun is long gone by now but a few stars are visible through the breaks in the nighttime clouds over Clermont. “Small businesses and consumers are ready for MentionTribe and now MentionTribe is ready for them.”



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