April Fools’ Day is upon us and so is the inevitable onslaught of pranks that range from hokey (Is your refrigerator running?) to downright evil (Care for a donut?). And what’s become a tradition in recent years is for Google to partake in the holiday of practical jokes, pranking the online community every April 1st by tweaking its current services or releasing (not really) a brand new quirky product that’s sure to get people talking.


How is Google celebrating April Fools’ Day to this year? A few ways. And if you’re a fan of either Pokémon or David Hasselhoff, then you’re in for a treat.


Pokémon Masters Wanted

Google is known for hiring only the best and brightest. As such, only elite Pokémon players need apply to the multinational corporation’s latest job opening for the position of Pokémon Master. Tenacious individuals are being asked to hunt down Pokémon from all corners of the world for a chance at a job with Google. Applicants must hike through treacherous forests to capture a Bulbasaur, explore the depths of the ocean in search of a Lugia, and scale the highest mountains to snag a Charizard. Aspiring candidates must capture all Pokémon to be considered for the position.



Google isn’t taking this posting lightly. In fact, the company has updated its Google Maps apps to include the location of some free-roaming Pokémon awaiting capture. There are seven near the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, CA, and a few lurking at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.



Nest and Virgin Atlantic Airways Partnership

If only this one were real.


Nest, Google’s latest major acquisition and the maker of smart home automation systems, is partnering with Virgin Atlantic to bring individualized climate control aboard the Virgin fleet. The Total Temperature Control feature allows passengers to set their own desired temperature. Each seat is fitted with a stylish thermostat that offers flyers the choice from a range of climates including Cancun Afternoon and Chicago Polar Vortex.



Only Sir Richard Branson could make artificial sun tanning look so classy.



Hasselhoff Photobombing

Google+ users  might find that their photos are a little more awesome today thanks to a guest appearance by the Hoff. Yesterday, the Google+ team introduced the latest feature to the Internet giant’s social networking service: Auto-Awesome Photobombs. Photos uploaded to Google+ may be tricked out with a David Hasselhoff photobomb, as seen below.


David Hasselhoff Photobomb


David Hasselhoff Photobomb gif


Those pictures from last month’s alcohol-fueld, tattoo-getting bachelor party you’ve been meaning to upload? Post them today and be blessed by the presence of the Hoff. Bonus points if that tattoo you got was of Hasselhoff himself.



Translate Text into Emoji

Real words are hard. They’re vague and confusing.


Emojis are easy! They’re fun and descriptive!              


“If somebody were able to just explicitly say, ‘Hey I’m flirting with you,’ or ‘Hey I’m mocking you,’ that would just make my life a lot more efficient,” says Emily Mee, Head of Market Research at Google Mobile Insights. “And that’s exactly what Emojis do,” adds Hannah Beecher, who holds a Ph.D. in linguistic pragmatics.


Emoji Translate


Mobile users of the Chrome browser now have the option of translating texts into Emoji – the popular set of emoticons and ideograms that come standard on the iPhone and many Android devices.



Say goodbye to disastrous miscommunications, semantic snafus, and awkward misreads.  With Emoji translator, now it’s clear as day: She’s not into you.



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