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GetMyBoat enables the peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace and is changing the way the world goes boating. Launched in San Francisco in late 2012, GetMyBoat empowers owners of every type of boat, to post their watercraft for rent or charter for free. Anywhere in the world users search, find and book a boat they would like to rent. GetMyBoat is not the worlds largest boating community.

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Fly when you want, where you want, at an affordable price, without all the hassles of flying commercial. Private air charter has always been out of reach for the ordinary traveler. But what if you were able to buy a seat on the plane and share a private flight? ZigAir brings you together with other travelers to share the cost of a private flight via our “Buy the Seat” flightsharing platform.

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Texas Tech University

Operations Division at Texas Tech University provides superior interior and exterior environmental experiences to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors which are healthy, safe, pleasing, and conducive to achieving the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, and public service activities in the nation. Soon to become a Tier-1 University, the Operations Division has provided top quality performance by automating billing, ticketing, and work order processing.

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Named “10 NYC Startups to Watch” by Time Inc., I-ELLA is an innovative, fashion-forward, charitable online marketplace where invitation-only users can BUY, BORROW, SWAP + SELL/LEND the latest must-have fashion apparel, accessories and more. Not only can members buy the latest designer apparel at a discount, they can also share their own prize finds with other I-ELLA users by electing to sell their wares, let others borrow them for a small fee, or simply swap. In addition, ten percent of each transaction fee will be donated to a charity or social venture. You will never look at your closet the same way again.

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BRIGHTCROWD provides a central platform to manage experts, projects, and payments. Once users have registered in the secure system, they can start a project. Industry experts are sent a link to the project page where they can submit a proposal. Users are then able to select the participants which they would like to work with. Easily approve payments once the work is complete. This systems main target has been in the financial industry. Shortly after launch, BrightCrowd was purchased by Janus Capital to streamline internal business processes.

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Pitchbrite connects entrepreneurs with investors to make the fundraising process easier. They started at the top of the funnel, and set out to answer the question: “Which investors are right for you?” Having sat on the investor side of the table for many years, Founders heard a variant of that question over and over from entrepreneurs: “Who else should we talk with?” or “Ok, if you’re not a fit, what VC firms might be?”. Pitchbrite uses a proprietary recommendation engine to provide VC matches, and uncovers social connections to provide you with introductions.

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eJobMate offers a simple one step registration process that presents you with a list of jobs that fit your skills using simple field-to-field matching technology to identify the jobs you are most qualified for. Whereas other sites give users the opportunity to enter their skills through forms, eJobMate utilizes a unique “skill tree” which is made up of over 1600 occupational skills. This allows job seekers to multiply their chances of finding a job they are qualified for and willing to work, providing a greater success rate for the user.

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To get the absolutely highest amount of money possible through your fundraising event. As is the case every year, you try to gulp down the mounting tension that comes from planning and executing such a critical event. In addition to planning out the details of the event itself, you have to spread the word about, get people to buy tickets, and organize a slew of volunteers and prepare paperwork for the auction. We offer you tools to maximize your marketing efforts this year and into the future, as well as resources to increase your proceeds generated. Datekeeper helps you out in Marketing & Promotion, Selling Tickets, Offering Sponsorships and Selling Auction Items

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Get Your Tribe On- Connect, refer, see neat local companies your friends use, get rewarded, help people. MentionTribe helps businesses connect and measure their social efforts through the use of incentives and offers.

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