Fresh off an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and a Golden Globe win for Best Screenplay, Spike Jonze’s latest film, Her, stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a lonely man in the not-too-distant future who finds love and companionship with his intelligent computer operating system named Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). The film has been generating a lot of buzz for its imaginative and provocative look at technology, desolation, and relationships.


Since an artificially intelligent OS is still a long way off, we’ve decided to take a look at the closest alternative to Samantha that’s available to us today – Siri. What if Siri had starred in Her? Could Theodore (or anyone else for that matter) fall in love with Siri and form a touching relationship? Heck yes!


Here’s why.


She’s capable of love

Though she may not be ready to commit, Siri’s heart is capable of loving a human being.


Siri Love



She’s funny

According to Gil Greengross, psychologist and anthologist, a sense of humor is quality that many people look for when they seek a mate. Good thing Siri has a funny bone. She’s witty, comical, and playful. What user wouldn’t click on her profile?


Siri Joke


 She plays hard to get

A little chase during the courting phase of a relationship can help generate some romance and further the interest of the admirer. Siri’s aware of the intricacies of courting and isn’t afraid to play hard to get, which, of course, is the best way to attract your crush. Right? Right!?


Siri Wearing


She’s not perfect

Sometimes the little imperfections add to someone’s appeal, like Kate Bosworth’s different colored eyes, Cindy Crawford’s trademark mole, and Steve Buscemi’s … nevermind. Siri isn’t perfect and we love her just the same.


Siri Enabling


What would Her be like with Siri?

We’ve determined that Siri has many qualities that people look for in a mate and that her girlfriend potential is through the roof. But what would Her be like if Siri was cast as Joaquin Phoenix’s object of affection? Probably something like this: 

 Siri Her Sunset


Siri Her Song

  Siri Her Sandwich


Siri Her Spending Time


Maybe Scarlett Johansson was the better choice after all.


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