Much can be said about that prestige that goes along with working at Google. Receiving an offer of employment from the Internet giant is often the pinnacle of success in the careers of business and technology professionals. Accepting the offer opens you to a world of innovation, benefits, perks, and prospects. We’ve all heard about the terrific cafeteria food, the generous maternity and paternity leave programs, and the fully stocked game rooms. Aside from those well-known perks though, what’s it really like to work at Google?


Google Searching


Promotions are hard to come by

The 2013 comedy The Internship may have exaggerated the level of competitiveness that goes on between employees at the Googleplex, but perhaps not by as much as many might think. The reality is that because of Google’s brand strength, the company is able to hire only the best and brightest. As such, it’s difficult to move up within the company. Since everyone at Google –from low level admins to senior executives – are the cream of the crop, differentiating yourself from your peers in hopes of earning a promotion is more difficult to do than at other companies. Competition is fierce for promotions and even the seemingly deserving individuals will be overlooked.


Many employees are overqualified

The issue of over-qualification among employees is one that also stems from Google’s ability to hire only the best and brightest talent. Because the company receives 1,000,000 job applications each year, it’s able to hire overqualified candidates for entry-level jobs. “Google has a very high hiring bar due to the strength of the brand name, the pay and perks, and the very positive work culture. As a result, they have their pick of bright candidates, even for the most low-level roles,” wrote an anonymous Quora user who claims to have worked at Google. “There are students from top 10 colleges who are providing tech support for Google's ads products, or manually taking down flagged content from YouTube, or writing basic code to A|B test the color of a button on a site.”


Google Offices


Bureaucracy is rampant

Though the company has long been viewed as a vibrant startup that lives by its slogan “Don’t be evil,” Google is now a massive multinational corporation that is similar in nature to other multinationals – particularly in regards to bureaucracy. So much so, in fact, that Google co-founder Larry Page made sweeping changes to cut red tape upon taking over as CEO for Eric Schmidt. Sluggish decision-making is common at large corporations, and Google is no different.


The office is awesome

There’s no denying that Google’s digs are among the coolest in the world and serve as a major recruiting point for HR. In fact, in our look at some of the greatest offices around the globe, we couldn’t omit Google. The abundance of plant life livens up the workspace, while the state-of-the-art gyms helps keep employees happy and healthy. Free, in-house hairdressers are also commonplace at Google offices, as are onsite doctors. And don’t forget about the unique workspace pods shaped like hot air balloons or the Guitar Hero gaming room. From Atlanta to Athens, Google’s offices are innovative, fun, and inviting. 


Google Hot Air Balloon Office


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