Dreary grey walls, exceedingly stained carpeting, and claustrophobia-inducing cubicles. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, this is a description of far too many offices in America. With budgets already stretched thin, office design takes a backseat to other matters at most companies. But with inviting workspaces being credited for attracting and retaining talent and improving employee morale, maybe it’s time for business owners across the country to take a look at their employee workspaces and see if any improvements can be made.


For a little inspiration, here are 8 of the coolest offices from around the world.


Selgas Cano Architecture Office – Madrid, Spain

The Selgas Cano studio is nestled in the woods, giving its architects a taste of nature on a daily basis. The glass ceilings provide plenty of sunlight and the open layout encourages collaboration.


Selgas Cano Architecture Office


Selgas Cano Architecture Office Inside

 Photos by Iwan Baan   


Corus Entertainment – Toronto, Canada

Parents: Are you secretly jealous of your kid’s awesome playground? Rejoice! You no longer have to deny yourself the simple pleasures of a jungle gym slide if you work at Corus Entertainment’s Toronto headquarters. Get to your meeting faster or just blow off a little steam by taking a trip down the giant Corus slide.


Corus Entertainment Slide


Corus Entertainment Office

Photos by Jess Watt   


Coworking Space – Cape Town, South Africa

Branding itself as the “HQ of Cool,” this coworking space is a creative open area with a modern feel. If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town in the near future, check out this workspace’s ShareDesk submission. It’s available to rent for R2,200 per month – that’s less than US$200. 


Coworking Space SA


Coworking Space South Africa

Photos from ShareDesk


Santa Barbara Forge + Iron – Santa Barbara, California

This small Californian business specializes in high-end metal fabrication and recently showed off its chops by designing its new office out of an old shipping container. Take a look:



Twitter – San Francisco, California

In 2012, Twitter opened its new global headquarters in San Francsico’s Market Square complex, an iconic Art Deco landmark built in 1937. The social media giant chose a sleek, modern design for its offices and included a game room for employees to relax in. 


Twitter Office


Twitter Game RoomPhotos from InteriorArchitects.com   


Google – Worldwide

Google’s design teams think of everything when they work out a design plan for their new offices. An abundance of plant life, beanbag chairs, paintings of Prince, and hot air balloon office pods are just a few of the quirky design ideas you’ll find around one of Google's many global offices. Additional services and amenities available to employees at most Google locations include state of the art gym, on-site doctors, and free Wi-Fi enabled shuttle buses.


Google HQ


Google Hot Air Balloon Office

Photos from Google    


Quirky – New York City

Quirky is an online community of inventors who come together to collaborate and generate unique product ideas. Quirky’s interactive and inventive model is reflected in its New York headquarters office design, with open areas and creative spaces located throughout the Manhattan office. 


Quirky Office


Quirky Office Space

Photos from Quirky.com   


Citrix – Worldwide

This multinational software giant has beautifully designed, ultra-modern offices spread out across 40 countries. Citrix’s headquarters are located in Florida and there you’ll find employees working on a sun soaked patio or hanging around the pool table. At the UK offices, you’ll find a more classic feel that’s emphasized by several fireplaces located throughout the building.   




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