Our Journey So Far

AppealingStudio is a strategy-first software development agency specializing in custom development of sophisticated, modern web applications and mobile apps. Our clients benefit from our strong history of funded startups and global enterprise initiatives. By bringing new ideas to life and giving new life to old ones, AppealingStudio is uniquely positioned to meet you where you are and provide the technology that moves you forward.

Also, Lorem ipsum is not Spanish.

All about the code.


It started with some code.
Then came all the things.

first things first

Kiefer Waight launches a Web & Mobile development agency, AppealingStudio, Inc.


inexpensive things

Penny Auction site, ElectronicPenny our first foray into marketplaces while a successful development effort, never gained traction and was sunset in 2013.


fun times things

PocketSpheres was a precursor (in concept) to what we now know as photo sharing. Snapping pics and inviting people to shared albums where everyone could contribute experiences was indeed ahead of its time putting security above all it was marketed to both individuals and businesses.

show me the money things

PitchBrite was a platform that used a proprietary recommendation engine to connect entrepreneurs with investors.

Think 6 degrees of separation, with your ideas and other peoples' money.

a little help from my friends things

MentionTribe was a social two-sided platform that makes the process of sharing offers and tracking incentives easy.

Lean on the strength of your tribe and get rewarded. 

(We revisited this concept in the form of trusted partnerships a few years later.)


in the air things

Built to connect travelers and charter operatorsZigAir, is the book the seat not the plane private charter service.


on the water things

GetMyBoat is the world's largest marketplace for boat rentals, yacht charters, and on-the-water experiences. 


look where I am things

SaraGEO Builds products to help create custom maps.


look where we are things

AppealingStudio walks the talk at TC: Disrupt 2014. Fresh t-shirts in tow and the first couple on the floor, the time was right for #weeklonghugs.

set 'em up and knock 'em down things

The Future Of League Bowling



daily fantasy things

White Tie Fantasy a revolutionary spin on daily fantasy sports with a patented format gets to beta and beyond by partnering with us.

new and different things

More than a name for a process, Napkin > Beta > Beyond is the way we look at every project and product we're invited to move forward. This was simply when we put a name to it.

yep, that was us things

Hitting the Cons hard and with purpose we showcased our team and our clients at TC: Disrupt & AustinStartupWeek

FinTech things

Chase Card Services went horizontal with a security focused marketing site driven visually by horizontal parallax. For us it required a mastery of seldom used technology we're still very proud of today.


because you're loyal here are some more things, things

Brierley+Partners engages AppealingStudio for Platform Modernization, adding mobile apps to legacy systems and strategy + design of a self-service overlay for on-boarding new clients.

here we are things

Dallas Startup Week #DSW16
AppealingStudio leads the Development Track for our local startup week.
(Still all about the code.)

doing things together for the big win things

A Trusted Partnership built on complimentary service offerings begins with Rogue Marketing Agency.



more doing things together for the big win things

A Trusted Partnership built around controlling the typically tiered-priced media storage with Prestonwood Media begins, proving that one size doesn't fit all, and fiduciary responsibility is an example of good stewardship. 

more new and different things

Birthed from assaulting a pricing model that benefits only the provider a concept for a scalable ecosystem of modular components begins. We call it Moldable.

show me how to do things

Continuing our partnership with Prestonwood Media a custom Learning Management System to meet the needs of an incredible volunteer base is developed on our Moldable Platform.

care for my car things

Through our partnership with Rogue Marketing AppealingStudio developed a first of its kind custom quoting engine for the auto industry. HealthCareForYourCar creates service contract to fit your exact needs.
No-pressure sales. Picking up on a theme yet?



light up your holiday things

Beta testing of our on-demand holiday light installation built on our Moldable platform.



internet of things [IOT] things

Building a management portal that interprets the amount of draw that a machine uses by reading frequencies from an internet connected device strapped to the power coupling? Yep.

Your Turn


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